Public Relations

Reach your key audiences with the right messages
and smart, effective communication.

PR Strategy & Planning

The most effective public relations efforts begin with a strategic plan. We’ll work with you to understand the markets and audiences you want to reach and build targeted PR strategies and tactics that will help you meet those goals.

Message Development

You know your product, but can you effectively describe it in a sentence or two? We’ll help you develop concise, targeted messages that convey the benefits of your product or service to the audiences you want to reach. And if you need some practice, we can coach you on effective ways to convey your messages in interviews and soundbites.

Media & Analyst Relations

When you want to reach the influencers covering your industry, we’ll help you connect, engage and tell your story in ways that resonate with journalists, analysts and bloggers.

Social Media Engagement

Effective use of social media involves a lot more than posting your news to social sites (although that’s a start). It’s about engagement with the audiences that are most important for your business. We’ll work with you to help you understand the social media landscape for your industry put together a strategy to successfully engage, build awareness and grow your business.