Writing  •  Editing

Our wordsmiths will help you tell your story.

Blogs and social posts
Have a blog or LinkedIn following but no time to keep it up to date? We’ll ghost write in your own style, based on your topics of interest. We’ll also research topics and supply you with fresh ideas.

Bylined Articles
We’ll write thorough, journalistic articles on your behalf, for submission to industry publications and other media who accept contributed articles.

Case Studies
We will work with you, your partners and your customers to create case studies and success stories that speak to your unique audience.

Press Releases
A successful press release will convey your news in a style that inspires journalists and bloggers to craft their own stories. We draw from our experience in print journalism, broadcasting and blogging to craft press releases that carry your news beyond the wire.

Web & Intranet Content
We write and edit web copy in a style that reflects your unique corporate culture while effectively reaching your target audiences. If you need additional design, programming or SEO services, we work with our expert partners to provide the entire package.

E-books, Backgrounders, Whitepapers and Fact Sheets
Sometimes your customers need more than a marketing brochure to understand the features and benefits of your product or service. From health to high-tech to general consumer, we create background materials with the right depth and language to speak to your target audience.

We’ll help you create presentations that get and keep your audience’s attention. Whether you’re starting from scratch or just want some help editing your presentations to be more “sticky,” we will help you hone your messages, use compelling visuals and create a streamlined presentation that speaks volumes without slide overload. We also provide presentation coaching to help you deliver your messages in a clear and compelling way.

Award Submissions
It’s pretty hard to win awards if you don’t apply. Yet many companies are too busy doing all their great work to stop and fill out an award application. There is an art to helping judges see the value of your work. And, let’s face it, it feels awkward bragging about yourself. Let us do it for you.


Copy Editing
Sometimes you just need an extra pair of eyes. We’ll go through your website, your technical and marketing materials or any other written documents to check for grammar, punctuation and clarity of language.

English Translation Editing
If your company’s Website or materials were translated into English from another language, we can help you give them the finishing touch. We will do a thorough copy edit and, if needed, make recommendations on structure and usage that will ensure your materials read as if a native English speaker wrote them from the start.

Video Treatments and Scripts
Whether you are looking for a video promotion or product tour for your Website, a training video for your staff, a documentary about your business or a creative piece that showcases your best work, we’ll help you tell your story visually. And if you need it, we can also put together a production team to realize your vision in live or recorded video, animation or podcast formats.